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Stationary engines

Stuart Double Ten vertical engine for restoration
Clayton & Shuttleworth 12nhp portable engine
Old horizontal engine with reversing gear
Merryweather C type fire pump
1915 Marshall 16nhp twin cylinder portable engine
Drysdale vertical engine with reversing gear
Horizontal enclosed crank steam engine with governor
Scratch built S50 type horizontal engine
Antique horizontal mill engine with regulator valve
Stuart beam engine
Reeves "Borderer" vertical twin with reversing
Stuart Double Ten
Stuart steam hammer
Horizontal twin mill engine on brass supports with hardwood base
Horizontal mill engine with boiler
Stuart No 1 vertical engine
Part-built piston valve vertical engine
Small oscillating engine
Stuart beam engine
Steam plant
Twin cylinder workshop engine
Twin cylinder mill engine for restoration
Stuart 10H engine
Large old dismantled V-twin engine