The Parts Shop

We manufacture a range of parts and accessories, designed mainly although not exclusively for use on the locomotives we build. We can supply anything from a motion pin to a complete set of machined cylinders, an increasing number of which we keep as stock parts for immediate despatch. All parts shown here are designed and built in house.

We supply several of the commercial model builders with our components, which have found their way into such diverse things as steam launches, stationary engines, traction engines and, of course, locomotives of all sizes (although mainly, it must be said, the larger ones).

In keeping with our locomotive-building philosophy, the things we make are designed and manufactured for long life and reliable operation - many have found their way into commercial applications (in both our own and other builders' engines) with every success. Again, like our engines, all are backed up with a no-quibble 12 month warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

If there's anything you need that's not listed, let us know - whilst there are new designs on the drawing board all the time, we're always open to suggestions for things not currently available.


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