The engines shown opposite are expected to be with us shortly, or have just arrived

  • 5 inch gauge Liverpool & Manchester "Lion"
    5 inch gauge "Lion" to LBSC's "Titfield Thunderbolt" design - an older engine, silver soldered copper boiler with recent hydraulic test, the locomotive is currently awaiting steam test.
  • LNER A4 Sir Nigel Gresley
    A 7 1/4 inch gauge LNER A4, the work of a prolific model engineer who built more than twenty engines over a forty year period. Completed nearly twenty years ago, the A4 was test-steamed on the builder's short "up and down" garden line to check everything worked before the locomotive was put away as he went on to the next project.

    In excellent condition throughout, it runs beautifully, one of the most potent-feeling steam engines we've ever run on our short test track - it feels like given half a chance it would be off like rocket! There's some video of it running here - watch out for the working "cod's mouth" smokebox door at the end.

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