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3 inch scale Aveling & Porter steam tractor - stock code 8480

A 3 inch scale Aveling & Porter steam tractor, originally supplied new by Maxitrak in 1996, it was re-boilered in 2012 - we've sold it a couple of times now, most recently to a highly experienced engineer, one of the original Stafford owners and the man responsible, amongst other things for the "Listerlike" we've recently sold, along with another large sit-in battery-electric locomotive we had in some years ago.

He bought this one last year, with the intention of re-engineering it to his requirements, then rallying it for a season. However, with the overhaul complete events then overtook him - we had a 7 1/4 inch narrow gauge locomotive come in recently that appealed to his inventive mind (we're already receiving pictures of its rebuild), so the Aveling came back to us.

So - recently outshopped from his works, a thoroughly sorted, fully overhauled Aveling tractor in excellent condition throughout. It's been intelligently modified to be, in our experience of these engines, better than new. Work carried out in the last 12 months includes:

  • Differential fitted
  • Valve gear refitted throughout with bronze pins
  • New lubricator fitted on improved platform
  • Reworked gear selector mechanism to remove play and improve rigidity
  • New main steam pipe, allowing removal if required
  • New heavy gauge motion covers
  • Steel weights added inside smokebox
  • Hitch added beneath tender for drawbar connection, bringing it below axle height for improved stability
  • Quick detach water connectors fitted to engine and driving truck
  • 20 litre water tank with stainless filter and drain fitted to driving truck
  • High pressure electric pump fitted in driving truck, piped to feed either tender or boiler
  • 12V socket fitted to front of driving truck for steam-raising blower
  • Engine repainted in Craftmaster paint and lined
  • Certainly the nicest one of these we've had in. The design makes for a free-steaming engine, quick on the road in high gear and comfortable to drive with rubber tyres on the engine and pneumatics on the driving truck.

    scale 3 inch
    length/inches 46 + 54
    width/inches 18
    height/inches 31
    cylinder material cast iron
    valve type slide
    valve gear Stephensons
    reverser type pole
    lubricator type mechanical
    V5/registration number NX12 GZP
    injector(s) 1
    boiler number ST.1096.08.12
    year built 2012
    boiler maker Steam Technology Ltd
    CE mark yes
    working pressure/psi 90
    boiler type locomotive
    boiler material copper
    boiler construction TIG welded
    hydraulic test valid to 19-Aug-2022
    steam test valid to 1-Nov-2019
    safety valve(s) 2
    safety valve type spring
    mechanical pump 1 x crankshaft + electric
    whistle yes
    road speed(s) 2
    differential yes