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7 1/4 inch gauge battery electric "Listerlike" - stock code 8479

Recently arrived in part exchange for a 7 1/4 inch gauge steam locomotive, a proper minimum gauge "Listerlike" Autotruck, in excellent condition - ideal for a narrow gauge garden railway.

The work of a highly experienced engineer, a man we built one of the first Staffords for years ago (which he modified continually until, unable to think of anything else he could do to it, he part-exchanged it back with us for a traction engine).

I like the robust overall look and proportion - it puts me in mind of the ex-Ffestiniog Railway Lister "Sludge" which we had on loan when building the garden railway here.

A large, powerful locomotive weighing in at just under a quarter of a ton, it's been particularly well thought out - the nicest take on the Autotruck idea I've driven. Others in the past have been big and Lister powered (nice, but too noisy for a quiet Sunday's running in the garden) or small and electric powered (giving something of a "giraffe on a bicycle" driving experience).

All steel C-section chassis, the steel wheelsets run in takeup bearings, with chain drive from a pair of 24 volt, 800 watt motors. Controller is a 4QD Pro150, with a pair of 125Ah batteries. Throttle control lever operates via a 3D printed quadrant mechanism with spring return - it's a sensitive setup which falls easily to hand.

The locomotive is fitted with an effective vacuum-operated disc brake fitted to the layshaft - driver's brake valve is to the right on the dashboard, with 12 volt electric pump and reservoir under the bonnet. It's fitted front and back with quick detach train pipe connections.

Paintwork was finely done - brush-painted with many coats of Craftmaster green - and remains in excellent condition. Fitted with a loud horn, ammeter, master battery isolator switch and complete with battery charger, which connects via a charging socket on the dashboard.

Given the configuration of the chassis, this one would re-gauge to 10 1/4 inch if required (indeed it looks like it would go out to 15 inch, however I suspect it's adhesive weight wouldn't be up to getting five tons of "Ursula" out of our shed - otherwise it would be staying here!)

gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 53
width/inches 24
height/inches 34
weight/kg 223
wheel material steel