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7 1/4 inch gauge bogie battery electric locomotive - stock code 5821

We sold this back in 2013, it's recently come back in part exchange for a new "General Gordon". Still looks pretty much the same as it did last time we had it in - pictures opposite and words below are from that time. Ashley still not included.

Built in the spirit of the Rio Grande's GP30s, this is a substantially-built battery electric locomotive, completed last year and in largely new condition throughout.

Built to a very robust standard, the frames are fabricated from 5 and 6mm steel plate, bodywork is in sheet steel. Power is provided by three 125aH batteries - one under the seat, the other two in the cab - supplying 36 volts to a pair of 1KW motors through a 200 amp 4QD controller board. The controller can be set for acceleration/deceleration ramps, currently 8 seconds acceleration to a top speed of 11.5mph, 5 seconds deceleration. Transmission is by 3/8 chain driving steel taperlock pulleys.

Wiring is particularly neatly done, all trunked in spiral binding with a trip between batteries and controller. The charger plugs in through a socket on the dashboard and can be left on when the locomotive is not in use to keep the batteries topped up. An electric horn is fitted at the front of the cab.

There is a mechanical disc brake used for parking, the motors provide powerful regenerative braking when on the move.

Ashley not included.

gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 70
width/inches 20
height/inches 30