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6 inch scale Atkinson steam wagon - stock code 9077

A quantity of parts, documentation and material to build a 6 inch scale Atkinson steam wagon, based on the 3 inch scale Ray Prime design (if you can't remember what they look or go like, we've an excellent one in at the moment, there are pictures and some video on its listing here).

Work to date comprises:

  • fabricated crankcase with trunk guides, cylinders, valve chests and spindle guides machined
  • crankshaft
  • length of tube for boiler barrel with certfication
  • fabricated wheels with set of new tyres
  • reclaimed suspension and steering parts including leaf springs, steering rack, hubs, brakes and backplates
  • new transmission chain and bearings
  • fabricated chassis hangers
There is a quantity of documentation including copies of the 3 inch scale construction articles, photographs of other 6 inch scale wagons and notes on the boiler design.
scale 6 inch & larger
length/inches est 122
width/inches est 40
height/inches est 56