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7 1/4 inch gauge BR Standard Class 2 - stock code 6533

One of the finest 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotives we've seen in recent years, similar in standard to Ron Martin's legendary 9F in terms of detail and execution (there are pictures of that engine in the archive if you'd like to compare the two). The work of a highly experienced modeller who spent his working life as a development engineer, this was the last in a line of finely made engines from his workshop, which included a 7 1/4 inch gauge Koppel 0-6-0 and 5 inch gauge Sharp Stewart "Europa" class 2-4-0 (both of which will be for sale once I've decided which, if either, I can bear to part with!).

Nine years in the build - many, many thousands of hours of work logged to date. The engine runs on air, boiler is by Swindon, what's not already fitted to the engine is included within several boxes of machined and painted parts.

There are one hundred pictures below, which begin to show some of the detail (right down to tiny corks in the connecting rod oilers). The locomotive has been meticulously researched, planned and built, if completed to the same standard it must rate as one of the finest examples of a Class 2 in any gauge.


gauge 7 1/4 inch