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4 inch scale Foster traction engine - stock code 3899

A 4 inch scale Foster traction, built in 2003 by a prolific engineer responsible for several large engines and at least two replica Locomobile steam cars (including the one I bought some years ago pictured here).

Steel boiler with expanded tubes, working pressure 120psi. Feed by mechanical pump and injector. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear with pole reverser on footplate. Two road speeds with differential, rubber tyres bonded to wheels.

The engine has had hydraulic and steam tests within the last month, it was last in steam yesterday when Ashley amused himself running around the estate (it's something about Friday afternoons and sunshine with him, it's a bit like werewolves and a full moon...).

Length 73 inches
Weight 9 cwt

scale 4 inch