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Worthington Simpson steam pump - stock code 2574

I see lots of steam pumps and am often tempted by them - interesting, useful (if you need your pond emptying) and, best of all, steam powered! The only problem is most of the pumps that come up are either seized solid, have suffered broken castings or are huge and weigh about half a ton.

This rather nice little Worthington Simpson is none of the above. It works freely, there is no damage and, best of all, it's a dead handy little size - just on two foot long and weighs about 70 pounds. Looks completely revolting, it has recently had the paint stripped from it prior to a repaint that has yet to happen. A small amount of cosmetic restoration would make a fine little engine.

For those connected to the world via broadband (or dialup, if you're patient), there's a short video clip of it running here.