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Winson Pride of Penrhyn - stock code 2450

A well-advanced overtype steam wagon, built from the Winson "Pride of Penrhyn" kits. The builder was a fastidious engineer, finishing and fitting parts to a high standard as he went along. Having several other substantial projects to his credit (including building a 2 inch scale "Minnie" traction engine) he was unafraid to redesign and improve where necessary - the substantially reworked gear selector mechanism (which works very nicely), the effective band brake fitted opposite the differential, slipper chain tensioner and radically reworked front suspension are just some of the well-executed ideas he has incorporated. Although currently fitted with the standard wheels, he had a set of parts made for much more authentic Foden-type wheels - this comprises machined rims, laser-cut spokes and new bearings.

After removing machining marks from the crank and motion work, the builder had it all vapour-blasted, leaving a very fine satin finish which looks very well.

The engine is complete with all parts to finish, including all original drawings and parts lists. In addition, a general arrangement and detail drawings for all modifications have been produced using AutoCAD, a CD of files is included. The boiler, as well as having the original factory test, has a Southern Federation hydraulic certificate.

Length 48 inches
Completed weight 105 pounds

scale 3 inch