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Westbury Sealion castings - stock code 1500

Designed by Edgar Westbury and described in "Model Engineer" in 1959, "Sealion" is a 30cc overhead cam, 4 cylinder engine. This is an unmachined set of castings and a set of the Model Engineer articles by Westbury containing fully dimensioned drawings and very detailed construction notes. Overall length of the finished engine is around 8 inches excluding the distributor. An interesting and historical model which would build into a fine engine.

Castings are in aluminium and include:

Cylinder block
Cylinder head
Camshaft cover
Timing cover
Main bearing frame
Sump cover
Exhaust manifold
Side covers

There is also an unmachined camshaft.

The original articles specify a crankshaft either from solid or a forging. There are no pistons or connecting rods, which are of simple profile and specified to be made in Dural.