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Westbury Atom V - stock code 2186

A very nicely made model to Edgar Westbury's "Atom V" design for a 30cc 2-stroke engine, serialised in "Model Engineer" magazine 1945-46. At that time the latest in a long line of developmental engines designed by Westbury, the Atom V was an advanced design with coil ignition and oil pump for lubrication of the main bearings.

This example recently came in from the son of the builder (along with the Double Ten and 10V steam plant). Built in 1946, it was featured on the front cover of Model Engineer, March 27th 1947 (issue 2392). Inside the front cover, the editor wrote:

"The model petrol engine illustrated this week is an example of the "Atom V" 30-c.c. two-stroke racing engine, as designed by Mr. Edgar T. Westbury, and constructed by Mr J.A.Powell, of Crewe. This engine embodies many novel and up-to-date features, including special design of cylinder-head and porting arrangements, rotary admission valve and fully-automatic carburettor. Provision is also made in the design for a built-in-mechanical starter, although this is not fitted to the example shown. The constructor, who has done full justice in his workmanship to this outstanding design, states that the engine starts easily, controls perfectly on the throttle lever over a wide range of speed, and has a very high performance".

The copy of "Model Engineer" is included. The builder was related to Harry Powell, the locomotive builder, his son remembers visiting the great man's workshop when a boy.

It's a super looking thing, which currently decorates the top of my piano. I think it's the rather rakishly-angled exhaust pipes that do it for me!

Height 10 inches (to top of spark plug)