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Wessex 4 wheel 1500Kg trailer with winch - stock code 4058

The Station Road Steam plant trailer, it has had regular, though infrequent use this last four years since it came in bearing a 4 inch Foster traction engine. It tows beautifully and has a hand operated winch and pair of manufacturer's steel ramps (not shown in the pictures, they were at the back of the container at the time) which makes loading pretty much any size of traction engine a cinch. The 8' x 4' bed has heavy duty lashing points, all four tyres are in good order.

Only reason for selling this one is it won't take a steam car - it's not wide enough - which means hiring something in every time we need to move such a thing. A new trailer's just arrived which, at a foot wider, does the job (although is nothing like as handy to move about).