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Wallis Simplicity roller - stock code 2046

Coal-fired model of this unusual prototype roller by Wallis & Steevens of Basingstoke, England. The original engines were very compact, weighing only 3 tons and fitted with the distinctive diagonal boiler. Of the twenty originally built, 6 survive in preservation. This model is very nicely made with all silver-soldered copper boiler and good paintwork. Boiler feed by eccentric-driven pump from second shaft and auxiliary hand pump.

The riding trailer contains a complete set of firing irons and water tank with hand pump.

The engine has been little used, having been run occasionally on air for display at rallies. It runs well and is in exceptionally good order throughout, making a compact outfit which easily fits into the back of a car.

Roller 35 inches
Trailer 36 inches

Height 24 inches

Weight approx 150 pounds

Photographer's note:

This has been a peculiarly difficult engine to photograph - the pictures have come out to rather large file sizes, and the paintwork and lining on the wheels shows artifacts (they're "smudgy"). In actual fact, the paintwork is very good and the lining's not smudgy at all!

scale 3 inch