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Vertical coal-fired boiler on trolley - stock code 3268

A large coal-fired vertical boiler. Welded steel construction, it has water tubes running across above the fire then vertical firetubes in the upper part.

The boiler itself is well made and has had a twice pressure hydraulic test at 200psi for 100psi working, a new certificate has been issued. The wooden cladding has been done well, the whistle doesn't and the remainder of the fittings are junk (although the water gauge is probably serviceable and its protector is nice, if rather large for the gauge). I would be tempted to fit a proper 4 inch pressure gauge (I've almost certainly got something suitable kicking about if required), a decent safety valve, some fittings more in proportion with the size of the boiler (the 1/4 BSP steam valves we're fitting to the new locomotives currently in build would be just right) and throw the whistle away. An injector would be a useful addition, along with a hand pump.

The trolley is grotty with highly restricted lock which makes manoeuvring it a pain. If not required I will put it on our bonfire with not a little satisfaction.

I steamed it on a whim last week - nothing to use the steam for, but I just wanted to see how quickly it fired up. No need for a blower, the chimney is tall enough (in only a moderate Fen wind) to pull the fire from all cold, I had 100psi on the clock in under half an hour. I think there is the potential for a nice stationary boiler here which would drive any number of models, or some of the smaller full-size engines.

Diameter 10 1/2 inches
Height 66 inches overall, 31 inches from ground to top of cladding