SRS Blog > Thurston Pacific visits Fairbourne

Published 16th April 2004

I had a day testing engines with Bob yesterday, but at the end of the day we just had time to get all the wood lagging back on the big Pacific's boiler and spring the cladding sheet on ready for it to be picked up this morning. I had already agreed to lend the engine to the Fairbourne Railway for a gala they are running in June - originally the idea was as a static exhibit, then I tested the boiler, now they are having a tinker with it as well so, all being well, there will be a chance to see it running for the first time since 1954. It so happened that they had a lorry in the area picking up a steamroller, so the engine is currently en-route between here and Wales (via Derby!).

The gala is on June 12-13th - it's the "Bob Morris Classic Car Rally and Craft Fair plus Steam Gala and Visiting Engines". So no excuses not to go, looks like there's something for everyone. If you haven't visited this interesting and historic little line, this could be a good opportunity.