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Published 7th May 2010

Topics: Stafford.

The more observant of you may have noticed that since Christmas, whilst website updates have become more frequent thanks to Claire’s diligent work taking pictures in the workshop, pestering me for the write-ups then trying to decipher my scribbled words and sending out update emails to those of you on the mailing list, the news page has remained obstinately stuck at January. I can only claim the usual excuse – limited hours in the day – so have got up early this morning in an attempt to get you all up to date with goings-on at Station Road Steam.

Manufacture of Staffords has been taking much of our time since the London Model Engineer Show back in January, after 18 months of prototyping and development work the engine has now moved firmly into mainstream production. It’s been interesting seeing customers' engines completed, the different options and colour schemes picked and the singularly satisfying job of screwing on the works plates once an engine has been steam-tested and cleaned ready for delivery.

In the last month we’ve had a couple of real landmarks – last week three engines all ready for delivery in the same week (although the owner of one has very graciously lent his engine to us for Harrogate Show next week, so it won’t actually be delivered for a couple of weeks) and the week before saw the first time we received orders for two engines on the same day.

We now have various options available for the engines, including vacuum brake equipment, different colour schemes (including hand-lining and signwriting of the tank if required) and fittings for compressed air start. A driving truck is on the drawing board and will be available in time for delivery with the next batch of engines.

Our demonstrator engine is always available if you’re interested in having a closer look, we have a scheme to lend the engine to interested clubs or societies who may be considering purchase as a club locomotive.