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The Station Road Steam van - stock code 8040

If vans could talk, the stories that this one could tell about the engines it's had in the back...
This is our old van, affectionately known as "Virgil" (a convoluted story, in the early days it's seemingly limitless abilities were likened to that of Thunderbird 2, it was always the machine that got us out of trouble). We bought it new in 2010 - it had been pre-registered by Ford in 2008, however it was delivered to us in January 2010 with 4 miles on the clock.

In the intervening years it's clocked up just over 150,000 miles. It's never let us down, always got home; been economical, comfortable - a thoroughly good bit of kit. Back was ply-lined from new, although the ply is now pretty tatty. Bodywork has a good number of dings and scrapes, however tyres are good and mechanically it goes well. Cockpit is pretty reasonable, Claire bought and fitted seat covers for it when new - they've been replaced a couple of times, but underneath the original seats are in good condition.

We retired it last year, when its replacement arrived (another Transit, just the same - what else). It's been living in North Wales for the last few months, where No.1 son, who works for the Ffestinog Railway, has been using it; during that time it's had all sorts of two foot gauge bits in it, shuttling from Boston Lodge to Dinas (just to add yet more provenance to it's already lustrous history!)
Ideal transport for miniature traction engines or large locomotives - there's a powerful electric winch in the back with radio remote, which has never failed to load anything, up to and including six inch scale traction engines. It's got a tow hitch and a couple of spare number plates for trailers.