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Published 10th May 2012

Many of you will have met or spoken on the phone to Claire who has run the office with ruthless efficiency for the last couple of years. She is largely responsible these days for the website, exhibition planning, handling all the phone calls (and a good number of my emails) and the packing/despatching of pretty much everything from a spare injector to a complete traction engine. She is now on maternity leave so Mrs P has come back to cover her absence until the summer.

(The Station Road Steam ladies hard at work - Claire was eating for two by this time, so the dozen profiteroles you see her squaring up to was her daily allowance, supplemented by a couple of pints of brown ale at lunchtime...)

Inevitably we've had a few hiccups in the transition period, if you've waited an unreasonably long time for a response to a call or email, my apologies. Similarly, given that I now have to keep the website updated, I only mark stock sold at the main updates - if you call and something you've seen shown as available is sold, that's the reason.

STOP PRESS: the happy event was actually last Thursday, 7lbs 4oz, both doing well