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Stuart Victoria plant - stock code 3373

Quite an achievement this one, putting together so many quite nice (not to mention expensive) bits to make something that looks dreadful.

A Stuart "Victoria", their rather elegantly proportioned take on a typical Victorian long stroke mill engine, coupled to a well-made cross-flue water tube boiler. The engine has a mechanical lubricator and boiler feed pump, it drives a Stuart dynamo.

I've tested the boiler which is thoroughly sound, working pressure 60psi, the engine runs after a fashion but needs the valve rocker shaft fixing to its operating lever - it currently slips which does nothing for the valve timing (it could be pinned, although I would silver solder it).

This model needs time rather than money spent on it - the only thing missing is the safety valve.

Base 18 x 18 inches
1 inch bore x 2 inch stroke
Flywheel 7 inch diameter

4 inch diameter x 8 inches overall length