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Stuart Mk814 generating set - stock code 3952

I've had one or two of these in over the years, including one which we had to set up and test for a chap who was a vintage radio buff - knew nothing about steam engines, but wanted to run it at rallies charging up his wartime radio sets. I managed to find an original instruction pamphlet, lit a fire in the sixty year old aluminium boiler (all the while never quite managing to get Sergeant Wilson's voice out of my head - "are you sure that's wise, sir?"...) and, just as the book said, was producing some amps within ten minutes. Amazing.

This is one of the most original sets I've had, right down to the original bottle of steam oil (half empty) and the toolkit (ie: one spanner, bolted down to the engine cradle!). The only modification is one small tapping into the boiler which allowed the last owner to fit a pressure gauge.

Crate 28 x 16 x 16 inches
Weight 105 pounds packed