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Stuart 814 boiler and engine - stock code 2992

The mortal remains of one of Stuart Turner's Mk814 generating sets (which recently seem to have become dubbed "jungle generators" - I've no idea where they were actually, if ever, deployed). Rather rare things nowadays, they were designed to be dropped by parachute in a crate, they could then be used for charging radio batteries provided you had a supply of dry sticks and some water. I've had a couple of complete, boxed, versions - see the archive for more information and a copy of the standard issue operating instructions.

The boiler from this set was pressed into service in a small, fullsize boat for some years, after which it was nailed onto a couple of aluminium rails and reunited with its original engine. The piston valve engine is complete with generator and the rather ingenious variable stroke water pump, it turns over freely. Boiler is complete with heavy duty reflex water gauge and safety valve.

Height 36 inches