SRS Blog > Steve joins us

Published 4th August 2009

It's been a very busy few months here, it seems a long time ago that I sat writing the last news page, outlining who did what in the office and workshop whilst mentioning that what I really needed was at least one more pair of hands to help run the place.

Somewhat to my surprise (given the slightly oblique reference that passed as a job advertisement), I was inundated (well, twelve replies actually) withpeople who imagined that a life of tea, the Archers and playing with steam engines sounded like a better job than sitting in an office. Many thanks to all those who replied, in the end it was Steve, the first chap to contact me, who is now on the receiving end of daily doses of Brookfield.


He joined us in May and has fast made himself indispensable in the workshop, bringing standards of neat-and-tidydom hitherto unknown to the place. A model engineer from his early years (and he's only a month or two younger than me, which means that early years were a while ago now), he has a super 5 inch gauge GWR Hall (seen here running at his club track) which is kept in immaculate condition.