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Steam launch - stock code 4396

18 foot steam launch "Mandrake", in fine condition, recently repainted and revarnished, the boiler had hydraulic and steam tests last week. Here's a video of it in steam.

Wooden hull by Glyn Lancaster Jones, built 1988, engine built to the Cyril Taylor twin design with Stephenson's reversing gear, mechanical lubricator. Coal-fired multitube vertical boiler, working pressure 100psi, feed by twin injectors and engine-driven pump, there is a particularly fine-sounding whistle. There is a steam-operated "bilge sucker", rather ingeniously coupling a standard traction engine-type water lifter to a tube and nozzle allowing water to be pumped out.

The road trailer doubles up for launching and has recently been fitted with a new locking hitch and electric winch. There is a fine fitted cover, custom-made last year at ruinous cost and a large quantity of bits and pieces to go with - it's a complete outfit, all you need is some coal and a river.

We had this in steam in the yard last week for the boiler inspector - it's a beautiful thing, running almost silently. I'm currently trying to persuade Mrs P we need this one in our toy box, I think she's having difficulty picturing me in a blazer...

Length 18' 3"
Beam 5' 3"

Engine 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Taylor twin, simple expansion

Hydraulic test 25-10-2010 @150psi
Steam test 25-10-2010 @100psi