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Spirit-fired 3/4" traction engine - stock code 1542

This is a nicely made inch scale model based on an early 20th century English agricultural traction engine. Built in 1956 by an English model engineer, this engine was one of three in a collection we recently bought, all of which show a high standard of workmanship and detailing.

The engine has an alcohol-fired, water tube boiler, fitted with pressure gauge and water gauge on the backhead and safety valve on top of the cylinder block. Stephensons valve gear - reversing is from the footplate via weighshaft and reach rod as per full size. A steam blower valve is tapped into the bottom of the block and runs forward to the chimney. Working drain cocks are fitted with very neat plumbing down around the boiler cladding.

Drive to road wheels is by two speed transmission, mounted on the right hand end of the crankshaft and lever-operated like a three-shaft Burrell.

The model was partly dismantled by the builder some years ago to fit a different type of burner and new tender. The old burner, which formed the bottom part of the original tender, is included. A new burner for firing using either spirit or gas would be easy to make and fit. When fitting the new tender, the steering wheel was removed along with steering chains, both of which are missing. The engine is otherwise complete.

Overall length 15 inches
Flywheel 3 inch diameter
Weight 15 pounds

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller