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Small lathe with dividing plate, chucks etc - stock code 3649

Although fairly frightening at first sight, underneath the muck and surface rust there's a decent little early twentieth century lathe here, without signs of butchery or casting damage and complete with a useful collection of bits and bobs with it.

Not sure what make it is - there's nothing apparent marked on the castings. It's a flat belt drive, with a countershaft running three pulleys to the spindle and a "high and low" pulley to double up the range.

In addition to three and four jaw chucks, faceplate and catch plate there is a roller filing rest, a fine brass dividing head which mounts on the spindle, tailstock centre, a quantity of high speed steel tooling and a set of unused modern brazed carbide tools (which, to be honest, would probably be pushing it a bit).

I think this is a very worthy candidate for restoration, having survived the last eighty or ninety years it would be nice to see it doing thejob it was designed for again.

Length 24 inches
Centre height 3 inches