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Slip eccentric Juliet - stock code 2997

Another venerable example of LBSC's excellent beginner's engine "Juliet" - Station Road Steam is becoming a bit of a rest home for superannuated shunters.

This engine was bought many years ago by a gentleman to teach his young son to drive a steam engine. The lad is now my age and drives full size locomotives at the weekends, so must have learned something from this one.

Silver soldered copper superheated boiler, feed by axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in the side tank. Gunmetal cylinders with slide valve actuated by slip eccentric valve gear - push the engine half a revolution of the wheels in the direction you wish to go, open the regulator and that's all there is to it. Mechanical lubricator behind front buffer beam.

The pressure gauge was red lined at 60psi many years ago, however the boiler has been hydraulic and steam tested for the design pressure of 80psi and a new certificate issued to that effect.

Given the steaming abilities of a Juliet boiler, the simplicity of the valve gear and the general joie de vivre this one exhibited on test (it went, like many old engine, like the clappers), if you can't make it round the club track on this one then it's time to consider a battery electric locomotive. Or golf.

Comes complete with an electric steam raising blower, which is apparently in working order although needs a new bit of wire.

Length 20 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch