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Published 8th June 2012

Over the last year the business has grown substantially - partly as a result of the Stafford production line, we also have an ever-increasing amount of overhaul work coming in, in addition to the servicing and testing of second hand stock. 

One of the benefits of this is we can negotiate decent packing, shipping and insurance rates worldwide - we have cartons collected daily and crates going out most weeks (last Friday saw crates delivered for packing up engines to go to Japan, France, Australia and Scotland). As a result of this, we are changing the way we quote for shipping - full details are on the "Shipping" page - but the gist of it is we will quote packing and shipping as a single price, with insurance at 1/2% of insured value listed separately. 

We have negotiated this rate with our insurers and think it's good value (the first engine sent out under the new policy just before Christmas cost the customer £65 to cover a £13000 engine going 6000 miles), however if you don't want to take the insurance, let Jayne know and she will happily remove it from the invoice.

We got back from the Christmas break to a busy week, with six engines ordered either just prior to, or over, the holiday all due to go out. Never seen Mrs P putting crates together so fast.