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1/5th scale seven cylinder radial engine - stock code 9329

A superb 7 cylinder radial engine, built to the Ageless Engines design and complete with a binder of their excellent drawings and construction notes.

The work of a highly experienced engineer, a man responsible for extremely fine quality models of everything from steam wagons and locomotives to internal combustion engines, including the Monsoupape, vintage open crank, vertical and horizontal twin engines listed recently.

The engine came to us having apparently been run regularly, judging by the light patina of dried oil over the cylinders and crankcase.

Claire spent a day meticululously cleaning it before taking the super pictures opposite (straight after which it was destined to go back home with me, where for the last month it's been gracing a table in our hall!)

length/inches 12
width/inches 13
height/inches 13
weight/kg 6
bore x stroke/inches 1 x 1 1/8, 6.18 cubic inch displacement