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Set of five 7 1/4 inch gauge bogie coaches - stock code 7952

A set of five eight foot long bogie coaches, they've come from a private railway in the Channel Islands where they ran in company with two Bagnalls built back in the 1980s - I suspect these date from the same time.

In good condition, they roll freely, paint is respectable - they have obviously been well looked after and always stored inside, bodies are sound. There are padded cushions for the seats with little wooden catches to hold them down (useful when the coaches are upside down I suppose...)

The chassis includes a steel box undertray filled with concrete - it adds a great deal to the stability of the vehicles, I imagine it makes them ride well at speed. On the downside, it took three of us to lift one end to get each onto the trailer, they are very heavy.
gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 98
width/inches 18.5
height/inches 31
weight/kg est 200 each