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Scaleway Signals signal box (green) - stock code 3045

Designed by Joe Nemeth of Scaleway Signals fame and manufactured by Buildings Bespoke, this is one of a pair of signal boxes supplied new to a miniature railway last year - they were destined to have but a few months use, the railway closing at the end of the year.

I've got two of these, one is staying here for our own railway - Mrs P has decided it will make an admirable replacement for the decaying potting shed which we burnt last year when digging out for the trackbed.

Both need small amounts of tidying up where nails have been pulled out, but underneath the timber is still in as-new condition. There is a full sized access door at the rear - one of the boxes contained a full-sized lever frame, worked from the rear with the door open.

Length 6'
Width 4'
Height 6' 6"