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Published 2nd November 2008

Topics: Railway visits.
I only live half an hour away from the Rutland Railway Museum, they've got all sort of interesting bits and pieces there so I should really get along more often. It's been five years since David and I last visited - I think it's a case of proximity breeds contempt - so on a sunny autumn afternoon last weekend we ran across to have a look around.
In recent times they have had a sort out and re-focus on what they are trying to preserve - to this end the place has been much tidied up, with several projects underway.
It's always been a friendly place to visit, the people working there, whilst busy, always seem to have time to talk and have a great deal of knowledge about the engines and stock that live there - it's worth a visit.
There is a small self-propelled Smith's steam crane laid up in the yard - I took some pictures of it five years ago. It's been there for nearly thirty years, gently settling into the undergrowth - David and I spent a happy hour working out exactly which lever did what.

The crane has been deemed surplus to requirements in the new plan for the museum, it could really use a sympathetic new home - if you've got a decent sized yard, some big machinery and a good deal of energy it is crying out to be saved.