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Quantity 5 inch gauge track panels, rail and sleepers - stock code 6105

A large quantity of aluminium rail and PNP Railways 5 inch gauge plastic sleepers, complete with fishplates, track clips and a Ride-on-Railways rail bender. Some of the rail has been made up into panels and used very lightly - it's a bit grubby, but virtually unworn. The remainder has never been laid, most still wrapped.


  • 13 panels of made up 5 inch gauge track, 5/8" aluminium rail on PNP Railways plastic sleepers

  • 207 lengths of loose rail

  • 12 bags of chairs, 250 per bag

  • 106 bags heavy fishplates (four fishplates per bag with all fasteners)

  • Approximately 10000 self-drilling screws (one unopened carton of 6000, two tubs of what we think are 2000 each)

  • 2500 PNP Railways plastic sleepers

  • 1 Ride-on-Railways rail bender

  • 1 set of buffer stops

  • 280 metres approx

gauge 5 inch