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Pride of Penrhyn steam wagon - stock code 2509

Another of these fabulous PoPs, fourth this year and counting. At this rate, I should have sold every engine they ever built by Christmas.

Completely horrible steam wagon. It's been stood about somewhere cold and damp for some considerable time, the boiler fittings are furry, the iron is rusty. On the plus side (and it's taken two beers in rapid succession to think of a plus side), it turns over freely, is all there and could be made to go - I had one in recently that surprised me just how well it went (that was the little blue one with friend Ant's daughter sat on it on the News Page).

Silver soldered copper boiler fed by mechanical pump and injector with hand pump in the side tank. Twin cylinder, simple expansion engine with Stephenson's valve gear, pole reverser in cab.

Underneath the grime it appears to have had little use, I'm sure there's a smashing little engine is here just waiting to be liberated...

Length 48 inches

scale 3 inch