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Polly II kit part-built - stock code 3001

This is a complete, unused and part-assembled example of a "Polly II", one of the well regarded range of engines originally designed by John Clarke. I've had several Pollys, they go particularly well, an easy engine both to look after and drive.

This engine was bought in kit form and has been carefully put together thus far. The chassis has been painted during build and is complete up to running board level - it turns over very nicely. The tender is nearly complete, in green undercoat and just requiring the tank top and buffers to finish off. The remainder of the parts are still bagged up and include everything to finish the engine, right down to a set of firing irons. The superheated copper boiler is silver soldered throughout and fitted with a fusible plug.

Polly Engineering have a page of blurb about the engine here - they rate it as coping with six passengers and 10 foot radius curves, current kit price is £4518. The engine is complete with a copy of the assembly instructions and a set of original John Clarke drawings.

Locomotive 24 inches
Tender 18 inches
Weight 110 pounds

gauge 5 inch