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Part-built "Simplex" with boiler - stock code 3380

I sold this one back in 2008, it's recently come back in in pretty much the same condition, other than the frame extensions having been removed - pictures and words below are from the archive.

A well-made 0-6-0 tank engine to Martin Evans' "Simplex" design, comprising a complete air-running chassis fitted with a silver-soldered copper boiler, complete with smokebox assembly. Work remaining is largely platework and plumbing.

Fit and finish of the motion work is to a good standard, the engine pushes along easily, with even exhaust beats. Cylinders are in cast iron with slide valves actuated by Walschaert's valve gear with a screw reverser.

For some reason unknown, the frames have been lengthened by an inch or two by use of bolt-on plates at the rear - these could easily be removed and the drag beam refitted in its original place if required.

There is a small box of miscellaneous pipes, fittings and bits of regulator included.

gauge 5 inch