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Part-built "Metre Maid" with boiler - stock code 3138

A well-advanced built of a a "Metre Maid", the 0-6-0 version of "Sweet Pea". Build quality is excellent throughout.


  • Main frames c/w horns fitted and machined, cylinder blocks fitted and machined

  • Cylinder end covers, pistons, valve chests, covers and valves machined

  • Driving wheels and axles machined, dowelled for quartering, cast iron axleboxes fitted

  • Springs and hornstays

  • Buffer beams and stretchers

  • Complete saddle tank in brass

  • Professionally made silver soldered copper boiler

  • Smokebox door and ring machined, smokebox tube complete

  • Complete stainless grate/ashpan assembly

  • Reversing lever and stand 90% complete

  • Brake stand, lever and operating arm assembly

  • Axle pump machined and assembled, complete with eccentric sheave, strap and rod

  • Regulator machined and assembled

  • Coupling rods machined and assembled

  • Connecting rods part machined

  • Crossheads machined

  • Return cranks machined

  • Box of parts including cast iron piston rings, safety valves, bypass valve, fountain

  • Tender 80% complete, including rolling chassis and tank

There is a complete set of drawings and a copy of the construction manual

gauge 5 inch