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Part-built "Maid of Kent" - stock code 2536

A fairly ancient part-built "Maid of Kent", as is often the case with protracted projects it appears to have passed through several builders hands, some more capable than others.

Chassis is quite well put together, the crank axle is nicely done, the wheels quartered accurately and the valve gear all assembled. At some point the builder has fallen out of bed with the "words and music" and not put enough offset in the eccentric rods, so they just touch at one point - they need removing and setting with a little heat. The cylinders and valve chest are complete and fitted with drain cocks.

The part-built boiler is well done, with decently flanged plates - work comprises barrel, inner and outer fireboxes, front tubeplate and throatplate.

The tender is complete and fitted with an enormous hand pump, together with the engine's running boards it may be from another engine which has been stripped for bits.

Quite a lot done, quite a lot to do, although not too much left to buy other than some boiler fittings and a lubricator. I think the MoK is one of LBSC's better designs, they go very well.

If you want to have a look at a complete specimen, there's one in stock on the locomotives page.

Locomotive 37 inches
Tender 23 inches

gauge 5 inch