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Part-built Likamobile steam car - stock code 7413

A part assembled Likamobile steam car, built from one of the ModelWorks kits. It's come from the estate of a man who had already built one of their 5 inch gauge Britannias - there's a listing of that one here - and who then embarked, seemingly simultaneously, on a 5 inch gauge Jubilee, Tiger tank and this car. One can only admire the man's enthusiasm! Sadly he didn't live to see the results of his labours, only the Britannia was ever finished.

This is what looks to be about 85% of a car, with the rolling chassis assembled. Big bits - boiler, burner, water gauge colum, major parts to make the engine including its spine frame, cylinders, crankshaft, wiring loom etc - are all there, along with the bodywork, seat, upholstery and woodwork including machined parts and turned spindles for the seat back. Much of the steelwork has light surface rust - it's been sat in a garage for some years - but this comes off easily with Scotchbrite, there is no hard corrosion or significant pitting.

Missing bits include inverter (which is an off the shelf part, widely available), control box, lubricator (although we can provide one of those if required) regulator valve and feed pumps. There is no paperwork or assembly instructions, however we've got a set of build instructions for one of the other cars we have in stock which could be consulted.

If you want to see how they turn out, we've got a particularly well-finished one in stock at the moment, there's a listing here with pictures and video of it running here. Party piece of these cars is 0 to 250 psi working pressure in eight minutes from cold. If you've been to one of our open days, you'll almost certainly have seen me zooming about on one - it's a about the only way to play with a steam engine all day and stay fairly clean!