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Part-built Clayton steam wagon - stock code 2651

Large quantity of material and castings for a 2 inch scale Clayton steam wagon, plus a part-built chassis to a good standard complete with front axle and leaf springs.

Castings comprise:

Front and rear wheels
Differential centre and gears
Cylinder block, pistons, end covers, valve chest & cover, slide valves
Trunk guides
Sump casing
Boiler top ring
Steering quadrant
Regulator housing

Additional parts include:

Large chain sprocket
Wood strip for cab roof
Cab floor plate
Steering gear and two start worm
Set of part-fabricated rear leaf springs
Part-fabricated rear axle c/w steel sleeves

The chassis is somewhat grubby with surface rust from years of storage, but cleans up easily. Parts, castings and drawings are available from Reeves and Blackgates

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