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Part-built Bill Harris design steam roller - stock code 2259

In the 1980s, Bill Harris wrote a serial for the American "Live Steam" magazine, detailing construction of a typical small vertical-boilered steamroller he remembered seeing working as a boy in the 1920s. An interesting model which is well within the capacity of quite modest machinery, it ends up not dissimilar to some of our home-grown tandem rollers (particularly the Aveling & Porter shay rollers).

The builder of this engine, as well as being highly capable in the workshop, was evidently something of a masochist. Virtually everything you see here has been hewn from stainless steel, including the beautifully-made cylinders! The boiler has been very expertly TIG-welded together, the copper tubes are prepared for fitting with the expander tool shown in the picture. Work to date is to a high standard - take a look at the steering quadrant assembly, which is silky smooth in operation.

Complete with the Live Steam publication which contains the collected series, giving fully-dimensioned drawings and detailed construction notes.

Length 19 inches

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller