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Part-built Allchin - stock code 3013

A well-advanced traction engine to Hughes' "Royal Chester" design, built to a good standard throughout. Work to date comprises:

Copper silver-soldered boiler
Wheels and axles
Smokebox, perch bracket, chimney
Cylinder block machined and mounted, complete with valve, trunkguide
Valve gear complete and assembled complete with weighshaft, reach rod and reverser stand on footplate
All gears cut and assembled including differential

In addition there is a box of unmachined castings to complete the engine, including dummy road springs, hub caps, drawbar, steering wheel, regulator and gear selector brackets etc. There are a set of steering chains, professionally-cut steering worm, wheel and governor gears, completed safety valves and a set of builders/name plates.

Main work left is the tender, ashpan and grate assembly and plumbing up the boiler - the work to date has only been loosely assembled for photography, it still requires bolts in hornplates, smokebox attaching etc. There is a part set of drawings with the engine, parts and castings are available from Reeves. There's some pictures of a good finished engine in the archive.

Length 26 inches
Weight when complete approx 80 pounds

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller