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Part-built 7 1/4 inch gauge LMS Black 5 with tender - stock code 5263

An early stage 7 1/4 inch gauge Black 5 to Martin Evans' "Highlander" design, complete with a set of drawings and copies of the original construction series from 1965.

Work to date is to a good standard and comprises a rolling chassis, erected with all stretchers, buffer beams and wheels running in split axle boxes, twin pump eccentric sheaves. Reverser stand is fitted along with smokebox, complete with door, locking handles and saddle, steam brake cylinder complete and installed at the rear.

There is a box of loose parts including a set of nicely made (and generously greased) coupling and connecting rods, brake gear for the locomotive and motion brackets - one erected and soldered together, the other as a detailed "flat pack" of laser-cut parts ready for assembly - an outer dome casting and a chimney.

Tender is largely complete and painted.

Sure you all know what the finished thing looks like - we had a particularly good one in a year or two back, there are pictures and some video of it in the archive.

Having just sold one well-advanced Highlander and bought this one, we've just had a good complete one come in - it will be listed as soon as I've had a chance to take it out for a run. (Come to think of it, there was a good 5 inch gauge Black 5 came in last week as well, so again we've got them covered in all gauges from 3 1/2 to 10 1/4).

gauge 7 1/4 inch