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part-built 7 1/4 inch gauge "Jessie" with boiler - stock code 3661

A part-built "Jessie", the 0-6-0 version of Ken Swan's popular "Bridget" design. Started many years ago, the work to date is to a good standard, if suffering somewhat from light surface rust and general workshop muck plastered over the chassis. In addition to a rolling chassis, erected with cylinders and coupling rods, there is a box of completed parts and unmachined castings. Boiler is by the legendary Alec Farmer of Reeves, built in the 1980s with initial hydraulic test at 250psi. In the thirty years it's been sitting under the last owner's bench it has acquired one minor ding on the offside of the boiler barrel near the smokebox - it is of no structural consequence and will disappear under the cladding when complete.

In the same way that "Maid of Kent" outnumbers "Minx" by about ten to one, similarly I get lots of "Bridget"s in (and there are two excellent ones on the shelf at the moment) but very few "Jessie"s - last nice one I had was May of last year, pictures in the archive.

gauge 7 1/4 inch