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Part-built 7 1/4 inch gauge GWR Collet 0-6-0 - stock code 7591

A 7 1/4 inch gauge GWR 2251, the 0-6-0 freight locomotive designed by Collett in 1930 as a replacement for the Dean Goods. The model design was produced by Polly Engineering in conjunction with David Aitken, based on works drawings and serialised in "Engineering in Miniature".

The work of a professional machinist - we also have his Black 5 in at the moment which preceded this project - work to date is to a good standard and comprises an air-running chassis, complete smokebox assembly with blast pipe and blower ring installed, brake gear and cab. Tender consists of a largely complete chassis, with profiled stainless steel for the sole plate.

There is a box of loose parts, including spectacles, fountain, safety valves and bonnet, part-fabricated ashpan and a set of backhead fittings including regulator with atomiser valve, water gauge and firehole door assembly.

Finished to this standard, there is the potential for a fine looking engine.

gauge 7 1/4 inch