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Part-built 7 1/4 inch gauge Clishay - stock code 5260

Dont get many of these in (well one other ever, actually). An American Clishay, the shed-on-wheels used by logging companies and famous for its ability to run on the most basic of temporary track thrown down in the forests where they worked.

This engine is at an early stage of build but with a lot of parts made - it comprises steel frames with platform (for want of a better word its the sole plate that everything sits on), a set of machined wheels and axles, cylinder assemblies with connecting rods, petticoat pipe, transmission chain and sprockets and a large unmber of other small parts. The part-built silver-soldered copper boiler comprises an outer shell, flanged tubeplates and tubes, swaged to facilitate holding in position for soldering. Work is to a good standard - given the weight of copper youd want to lock it up at night,

For all its odd look, the design produces a capable track performer many have been built to this design, which has a cult following all of its own. Alternatively, the size of boiler and engine could suggest a variety of other projects, not necessarily rail-based.

Complete with a folder of drawings and construction articles.

gauge 7 1/4 inch