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Part-built 7 1/4 inch gauge A3 - stock code 3382

A large quantity of parts, castings and patterns for a 7 1/4 inch gauge A3 Pacific. The project has reputedly been kicking around for some thirty years, another engine has been built from the patterns.

Work to date comprises a set of frames erected with horns and cast iron axle boxes, all wheels machined and fitted including rear Cartazzi truck and front bogie, driving wheels broached for quartering keys. There is a set of machined tender wheels.

There are some bits of motionwork, of uniformly grotty quality, which appear to have been made by a different hand to the rest of the bits.

Included is a large quantity of drawings and unmachined castings including outside cylinders, 2-1 lever, rods, chimney, tender axle box covers. In addition, there are a set of well-made patterns, providing insurance against cocking-up one of the existing castings or, indeed, going into volume production...

Length 64 inches
Driving wheels 10 inch diameter

gauge 7 1/4 inch