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Part-built 7 1/4 inch gauge 15xx - stock code 2915

Far from being a scaled up 5 inch gauge "Speedy" (as good a design as that is), David Adams drew up the 7 1/4 inch gauge version "Paddington" from works drawings to produce a large, powerful and authentic looking engine in this detailed design.

This engine is the result of four years work by a retired professional engineer. Work to date is to an excellent standard throughout and comprises:

  • Rolling chassis complete with all stretchers, gunmetal axleboxes in cast iron horns, wheels quartered
  • Coupling rods fitted, connecting rods machined
  • Pair of machined cylinders, piston valve liners to be machined and fitted. End covers machined. Piston valve rods machined. Complete set of glands. Set of cast iron piston and valve rings.
  • Split pump eccentric sheaves fitted, straps machined, twin pump bodies and rams machined
  • Saddle, blastpipe and blower ring completed
  • Smokebox, door, locking handles, chimney and petticoat pipe
  • Set of buffers
  • Brake cross shaft

In addition there is a large quantity of unmachined castings and a set of drawings mounted on a wooden batten for hanging on the workshop wall. The drawings are used but clean, with builders notes in places. There is a 4' x 2' sheet of 4mm copper for the boiler barrel and backhead which weighs in at just over the half hundredweight.

Plenty left to do but a lot of very nice quality work done. I had an almost complete one of these in last year, pictures in the archive. Drawings and castings available from Reeves.

Length 50 inches
Finished weight approx 400 pounds

gauge 7 1/4 inch