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Part-built 5 inch gauge Sentinel locomotive - stock code 2654

A part-built 5 inch gauge Sentinel to the design serialised in "Model Engineer" in 1961. Basically it coupled a cross-tube vertical boiler to a Stuart Double Ten engine, chain driving the axles.

Work to date is to a good standard and comprises:

Set frames erected
Buffer beams with buffers
Well made set of sheet metal superstructure components
Copper water tank c/w filler cap
Copper boiler with safety valves, clack valve, water gauge and whistle valve
Set machined driving wheels
Axle pump, c/w eccentric sheave
Axle boxes and hangers

In addition, there are unmachined parts including:

Set cast iron wheel castings
Cast iron grate
Stuart Double Ten bed, soleplate and trunk guides
Chain and sprockets

There is a complete photocopied set of articles describing the construction. Stuart still make the Double Ten and can supply drawings and castings, although complete engines appear regularly on the secondhand market (check the archive pages for engines I have had in) for those impatient souls who would like to get finished a bit quicker!

Length 18 inches

gauge 5 inch